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Juli McClelland

A letter to my friend who is fighting to keep her dream alive.

To my passion-pursuing, courageous friend, who isn’t “there yet”, but keeps fighting:

You work so hard to keep growing and to overcome all your obstacles, whether they’re in your mind or in your face.

You show up, some days it feels like you’re more accomplished than others, and even though you don’t know how long it’s gonna take to cross the finish line, you keep moving forward.

Some days feel lonely, like your passion is a burden that keeps you in the slow lane while everyone else seems to zoom past. But others, you can listen to a podcast interview, chat with a friend, or meet a new person, and feel that they’ve got the spark too. That gives you hope.

You’re inspired by something much bigger than you—which sometimes feels scary, especially when you wonder if this vision is really meant for you. And whether you can carry it out. But you’ve got to try. You have that pull inside, it’s drawing you to a bigger purpose, and it’s never gonna let you go.

You’re an inspiration. You are resilient, courageous, brilliant, talented, hard working and you’re not giving yourself enough credit. The world needs you–trust me.

No one knows how much you do behind the scenes, except for you. No one can possibly give you enough credit, except you.

I know it’s hard to overcome all the doubt, comparison, self-sabotage, and the gravity of playing small, but you are doing it—just keep going. And give yourself LOTS more credit, every single day.

Be proud.

Recognize your amazing-ass-self for each inch you move closer to your goal, cause it’s not easy and no one can validate you like you can. Every single day you need a reminder, write down how much you’ve done instead of how much you have to do.

And thank you for having the courage to act on something that lights you up. You inspire me and everyone around you.

You’re going to impact so many people with your tremendous gifts. Keep shining, trudging, crying, fighting, learning, crawling, sprinting—and all the other parts of the journey. Can’t wait to see what the next few months looks like for you.



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